Every day we experience the world of new knowledge where we explore the new genres and contemplate testing and when it comes to the Science and technology, we attempt to do more experiments with new systems to make our degrees higher than others with true determination, but why do we do that? Because a true dedication resolves many problems exist on this earth, so we do effort and explore the truth with facts and figures obtained; crafting more techniques while trying to focus the aim of knowledge and ideas as the competition is tough. The word Bio: means, Life; -technology: means, the methods and techniques in the given time or the least, to make their process easier. For this purpose, use of microorganisms (bacteria and viruses, to produce desired products and vector study to produce recombinant DNA, respectively) has boost the era of Biotechnology. Regarding these techniques some cell and tissue culture techniques may be used for the production of desired organism in lab (in vitro).


For example:   a medical or a pharmaceutical product, a transgenic plant, a human organ (for transplantation) or the organism with new and desired traits in plants or animals for the future studies.

Types include: White for industrial, Red for Medical, Green and Blue Biotechnology (for Plant (Agricultural) and Marine, respectively) all along-with Bioinformatics which include proteomics and genomics addressing biological problems using computational techniques.

We know that many questions come into your mind that how is this possible to do incredible in less time growing a new technique. Well it is possible, if it is not then what the hell these scientists are doing in this world? Obviously they are ensuring their prestigious efforts while companies hire them to pay a lot of money, MORE THAN YOUR IMAGINATIONS, Don’t tell your Enemy (otherwise he will choose it if he really wants to earn BIG Bucks) Yeah, I am serious. Well… It needs time management with a sense of keen observation, dedication and first of all your interest and over thinking for the field of your interest. Since it pays a huge amount of money to Scientists who work with, creating a hype in the marketing.

So what these scientists do actually? well many bio-technologists work for their fields with the time they move on to other generation and developments with too much revision and research, they do doctorate too and hence perform their best to compete others. They choose their research topics, hence Biotechnology does not end with the living beings only, in fact it goes with the dead cells to make them living by other scientific applications or factors, strange right? But it is POSSIBLE.

Have you heard about DNA, it’s a molecule that consist of chromosomes having the genes transferred from parents to offspring (from first generation to the next as a central dogma of life). It is the flow of genetic information, so apparently it has unabridged intelligence to create a whole organism or organ.

A DNA can tell you about whole genetic makeup, your hair colors, your eye colors, even how would u die or how will you suffer from some disease or not etc. (just by the predictability but not for sure). It can predict your generation even. It can predict the number of offsprings as well, or the chances of diseases from the reading of history like; how many of you will be suffering from cancer or the chances are positive or negative, etc.: Although It’s just a prediction, science tell us the facts and figures for some percentages. Some people in west consider the DNA as a GODFATHER, in near future many projects would be going on for the fight of best gene and traits (Just a Myth for some people)

Have you watched HULK Movie or Avatar? it was not a fantasy, in fact it could happen if we want to do, it is possible to make a hybrid (Fused with two different genes, wild type or lethal ones or with the genes of interest) It’s all about genetics; immunity and the reactions going on within genes in living bodies by the DNA activity or during genesis.

Sometimes fossils study, shows the evolution of organism; supposed to be extinct now, these fossils could have some DNA material even, to be extracted and saved for the future study or to store them by cryo preservation (A technique used to preserve the DNA for many years ahead in the future).

Biotechnology not only tells about humans , but also about the plants which are considered to be the best living organism on earth which have totipotency (total potential) to regenerate them , for this purpose biotech make it possible to have just a piece of plant and make it into a WHOLE PLANT .For human and animal Biotech, many transplanted organism are deriving from the stem cells technology in which stem cells regenerate the extracted organ tissues from parent tissues making it a whole organ (kidney, ear skin etc.) . Totipotency is the characteristic of plants only, but in animal and human cells: has not efficiently observed, yet to make a whole clone in ordinary condition, likewise when the DOLLY SHEEP was born, it was due to/within high efficiency and lab safety protocols, afterwards that case gone worse and she died. Because it is not that much easy to clone a human or an animal, it needs more intensive care within the media (in which a clone supplied by the nutrients or broth), hence the racism will be harmful that is why Government had banned the Cloning of humans and some animals (not all).

Had enough? Pharmaceutical companies hiring best bio-technologists to work with hence they have their plant and animal tissue culture techniques including cell culture techniques to grow their industries making such transgenic plants which produce the desired medicine or amino acids or enzymes, it is actually happening in this world, where are you living folks?


In fact, the GMOs (Genetically modified foods) have been introduced in the markets 10 years ago, now these days, such medicines and foods are produced by the scientists making desired proteins. Once they entered into your body (either in form of food or medicine) for the cure of any disease, it will work proficiently and ultimately. Cancer patients have been cured since many years, and the gene therapy has made cancer inactive, so the patient will survive for the long period of time before it drives to the last stage. So we construe that,

“any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives is acknowledged as Biotechnology.”


This post is written by Sidra Zubair Mughal (Biotechnologist / Science Futurologist)

Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at XeCreators. He specializes in designing and conducting training programs related to Web and IT, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development. In addition, he possesses skills in algorithm design and DevOps management for web applications.

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