Business has always been a ubiquitous practice on which everyone depends directly or indirectly. May it be based on something tangible like goods or intangible as information and experiences, everything involves business then how come one can live in a world without understanding it. For understanding this complex world of business one has to learn about it and know how everything works and the solution to that is ‘business studies’.

Generally people see business merely as buying and selling of goods but there is much more to that. Buying and selling involves hundreds of operations and takes multiple channels for a product or service to reach the market. These operations and channels change rapidly in the world of business and for people to survive in such competitive environment they need to learn about it and with learning comes new ideas and innovation that is the key to survival.

Business studies provide an opportunity to learn about the diverse business culture and practices that helps one to establish a business and gives an edge over those who do not have the knowledge of the rapid changes that occur in the business world. We live in the age where business practices have become far more complex with facilities like the internet that has paved way for e-commerce and e-banking that changed the face of business and is continually changing it. As this field has evolved over time, managing it has become even more difficult so it has been divided into various fields like Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing etc that need to be studied in depth to be successful in the field of business. So to keep yourself updated about this dynamic field you need to study about ‘Business’.

“The Secret of business is to know something that nobody else know”

– Aristotle Anassis


This post is written by Muhammad Ali Farooq (MBA – Supply Chain Management, Iqra University Islamabad Campus)

Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at XeCreators. He specializes in designing and conducting training programs related to Web and IT, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development. In addition, he possesses skills in algorithm design and DevOps management for web applications.

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